How to identify local wildflowers (and record them on iNaturalist), is our first wild flower walk of the season and will take place at South Combe Farm, starting at the Frogstone. 

Within feet of the Frogstone are a wide range of wild flowers, with more being found in the adjacent woods, fields and banks. You’ll be able to follow one of our plant ID volunteers or search for flowers on your own, the choice and distance travelled is entirely up to you. There are dozens of species within a few hundred yards so you will not have to walk far. 

Using iNaturalist to ID flowers and plants

We will be there to help with plant identification but if you download the iNaturalist app onto a phone, or other mobile device, you will be able to use it to help with plant identification and to record what you have seen.

Alternatively, you could photograph the flowers and check them on the iNaturalist website later.


Limited Places

Places on the event are limited and booking is essential. To book your place just click the link and follow the instructions.

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